Points of Light: The Kraulands

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Session 6

Bean awoke and decided to get up and go find the rest of the party. As he walked up to the Smoke Stack, we shackled the drunk man. After we searched the bandits, we saw the first shackled man get loose somehow and start running down the alley. Darren and Bean chased him for quite a ways, but eventually caught him and brought him back. We then proceeded to take them inside for questioning. Bean did a thorough job with the interrogation and we found out that a lady named the Magnificent Krissa Bennett was looking for me and wanted me to be taken to her alive. We also found out that the feathers they had on them were enchanted to keep the wearer from getting the plague and that the drunk man is involved in the slave trade.

I then started to receive telepathic messages from Krissa. She wanted me to come alone, but if my companions had to accompany me, then they would have to leave their weapons. I told my friends about my past and also about speaking with Krissa mentally. Krissa tells me that she wants to take my place with the Dead Crow Coven and I wanted to take that chance. I wanted to be rid of the evil witches that kept me as a slave and tortured me as a child. Darren, Tai Li, Boram and I went to the docks to meet Krissa. We were searched by two guards at the entrance to her boat house. After going in, she explained what she wanted to do and offered us tea and pastries. She starts the ritual and I realized she was taking my powers, so I tried to stop her. Boram was rendered unconscious after walking into the purple stream connection me to her. Tai Li became weak when getting near her. Boram then started to convulse. Not long after, I was able to stop her, but not before becoming weakened. The spell shattered. Boram awoke and told me of his dream. In this dream, I am one of the evil witches and we are sacrificing Boram and cooking him. It was so horrible that Boram was scared of me. I then realized that maybe it would be better to be without such an evil patron. I did not want to become that. So, I told Krissa to try again and she did. When we awoke, I was powerless, but felt lighter and free. I believe I made the right decision.

After returning to the Smoke Stack, I found out that Gus died during the ritual. I was so heartbroken until I saw Gus’ spirit hovering there. Everyone thought I was crazy (including the barkeep) and had me get a room and lie down. During my sleep, I dreamt of golden dragon and a pleasant feeling. When I awoke, Gus was alive! He was also changed. He had golden fur and gold eyes. I didn’t question it. I was just so happy to have him back!

After showing the new Gus to everyone, we decided to go to the Royal Grounds to meet McNeil. As McNeil walked out of the Royal Grounds gate, one of the guards stabbed him in the neck. The dagger was poisoned and spelled. Boram did all that he could, but the ambassador died. We did catch the assassin and the guards took him in to custody to be interrogated. The guards come back with diplomat Garis, Consult to the King. He reassured us that the assassin would be taken care of and also the ambassador. We did not want to wait for the warrant, so we went to The Bravery to find Captain Wispy ourselves. While getting on the dock, we noticed a human woman following us. She had overheard our plan and wanted to accompany us and help. She went by The Professor. The ship is starting to leave, so we jumped onto the ship and started fighting the eight men onboard, the captain, and his first mate. Bean fell into the water, so I threw him a rope. We eventually kill everyone but 2 men. We tied them up and search the ship. We found halfling slaves and were told that the Professor’s sister had been thrown overboard. We had to keep her from killing the living pirates on the ship that we had captured. We then found a fake cabinet in the captain’s quarters with mithril that Bean then took to the Marshall. We believed it to be the payment for the treaty. We waited for many hours for the Marshall to come back. We then heard a sound in the water. The Marshall was barely conscious hanging on to a piece of driftwood. We pulled him up. We then heard horses charging toward the ship, so we pulled the gang plank and hoped they couldn’t jump far. The men were from the Garis family and told us that they had warrants for our arrest. One did manage to jump onto the ship, but we finally pulled the pin on the hatch grate and the horse fell in. We started sailing south on the Dolm River, but men were gathering on the 2 bridges we had to go under to get out of the bay. The two pirates were released as long as they helped. The 15 halflings armed themselves with crossbows. The first bridge had men pouring oil and throwing fire trying to damage our ship, but Darren and Boram managed to use their water spells to keep the fires gone. The man in the hold then awoke, but Bean and Ragnar took care of him. The next bridge had archers, but they kept missing. We then came to a castle on a small island with catapults being loaded, but they missed us. We were free and started sailing towards Ambadar.

Sir Marshall Gregory finally awoke confused. We docked the ship and he put on the Garis knight’s gear so that he could try to get to the king disguised. One of our pirates decided to go with him as a prisoner. But, Corwyn Klas and the 15 halflings (Timo, Gon, Ferum, Terrance, Bale, Navi, Ryan, Ren, Ven, Welsin, Caspian, Yandon, Brandon, Oliver, and Keval) stayed on the ship with us. We sailed again. As we passed a river about half way to Ambadar, we saw lots of rose petals in the water. We were told that it was for an annual mourning ceremony for a fallen hero of Rosedale.

During the days on the ship, I dreamt of golden dragons and started to receive my powers back, but they felt different and not one bit evil or dark. As we passed a forest, we heard the terrifying roar of a dragon. Bean made the ship invisible and we saw a very large gold dragon (like the ones I have been dreaming of) fly up after a red dragon with an orc rider on it. We then saw the gold dragon get lassoed and hear trees falling and snapping. I had to go rescue the golden dragon. Bean, Darren, and 5 halflings stayed back with the ship while the rest of us tried to sneak to the gold dragon in the forest. We see the Behemoth with a rope connected to the gold dragon. As soon as I saw the gold dragon, I became more powerful and my eyes glowed gold. We also saw the Griffon riders with the elves circling the dragon rider. We told Ragnar to go get the others. Aramil jumped from the Griffon and landed on the red dragon and started fighting the orc. The Griffons attacked the roosting dragons and the Behemoth dropped the rope. Many orcs were on the gold dragon pulling off scales and stabbing it. We tried to stop as many as we could while chopping away at the rope made of trees, but the trees kept getting tighter. A greatsword fell to the ground and Tai Li started using it to chop at the tree rope and it worked. We heard Aramil yell to strengthen us, then he asked us to lend him our powers and we all agreed. He used our powers to kill the giant Behemoth. It started to rain blood and we all felt stronger. Tail Li severed the ropes and the orcs vanished along with the Behemoth and smaller dragons. The gold dragon took off after the last smaller dragon. Aramil and the others landed. Armil thanked us and passed away. The Behemoth and orcs were vanished to the Abyss with a spell called Miracle. The two other elves wanted to take Aramil home to the Fae Realm. We were told to keep Jrenalah the Griffon to aid us. We then saw the gold dragon flying back towards us with the red dragon in its mouth. I was scared and excited to see him coming back to us.

Session 5

Us adventurers introduced ourselves to the newcomer, Beathan Baird, a 19 year old with a bear cub. His parents were killed by the orcs. As night fell, we created a pyre for the bodies and said our goodbyes to Greg. In the middle of the night while resting, Boram heared a beautiful haunting melody coming from outside the town. Gus woke me and I heard it. Boram and I started walking toward the mists at the stream. Tai Li woke and started coming after us, but she was not transfixed by the melody. Boram snapped out of it. I walked into the water while Darren, Tai Li, and Boram were at the shore. Tai Li entered the water and started attacking the harpy that was creating the melody. The harpy flew away before it could take me with it.

We finished resting and when we woke in the morning, the weather had cleared. We headed east and ended up getting to a boggy area. While trying to go from dry patch to dry patch, Tai Li fell in the mud and went under. I threw the rope in the muddy water and she grabbed it so I could pull her out. While trying to pull her out, we saw a crocodile in the water coming toward her. We killed the crocodile, then jumped to the next patch of land. We kept moving until we were ready to camp and dry off. During the night, the temperature started to drop and it started snowing. During the night, Darren and Tai Li saw lights to the north-west and we all decided to go and investigate. We found en encampment of elves, so we introduced ourselves and asked to camp with them. The leader, Aramil Olandiell, told us that they were hunting the giant that we had hid from and that it was Bohemoth Deronsh, Son of Akrosh, a dragon and titan. We told them about the orcs in Rorikstead and they started speaking amongst themselves in Sylvan. When they realized Neil could speak Sylvan, they quieted. We slept for the night, but when we awoke, the elves and gryphons were gone. We traveled for a uneventful day and made camp. The next day, which was the last day before we arrived at Elith, we started to see farms and homesteads. We found the trail used as a road to the city and followed it. We came to a stream with a broken bridge. An old man, Daniel, and his shaggy dog came up to us and introduced himself. I went over to give the dog some love and realized that this dog had the same collar as the dead dog we found in the tower. I gave Daniel Kita’s collar and told him what happened to her. He told us that goblins had taken her and asked us to find the goblins and kill them.

We continued down the road and it started to drizzle. We saw a sign to Elith 10 miles. It started to rain and we decided to keep going even after dark. We went through a village and when we approached the city, we saw a barricade with 2 guards. They told us that this part of the city was quarantined from a flesh eating disease, so we traveled through the south gates. Ambassador McNeil tells us about the different inns. Tai Li, Boram, and I went to the Smoke Stack while the others went to the Velvet Violet, a burlesque house. Tai Li and Boram got food while I went to my room. On the way back, I was stopped by a man with a dagger. He told me that I had to go with him because there was a reward for me. I went with him and 3 others up the stairs. Tai Li and Boram were almost mesmerized by belly dancers and didn’t notice me leave. They realized something was wrong and started up the stairs. The men told me to go out the window, but I tried to stall them. The main guy tried to push me out the window and instead fell out the window himself. Boram and Tai Li came up the stairs and we all fought the other men. They withdrew and jumped out the window. We decided to go back to our food, but when we got there, 2 men were still there. One was drunk and the other left while we were turned away. We finished eating and went to bed.

In the morning, I saw a wagon out front with the main guy with the mohawk and Darren tied up and blindfolded. They had kidnapped him to get me to go with them. Boram and I went out the front door while Tai Li went out the window to sneak around. She took out one man in the front and left the drunk one passed out. I slept mohawk guy and then his companion stabbed Darren in the leg. The half orc that disappeared the night before, snuck up behind Boram and dazed him. He then took him inside the inn. I intimidated the guy stabbing Darren and made him get out and shackle himself to the wagon. I then went inside to help Boram. Tai Li took care of the mohawk guy that was asleep, stabilized Darren, then came inside. We fought the half orc while Darren slowly made his way inside to help. We killed the half orc and healed up.

Session 4

We all decided to rest in the room just outside of the room the Ambassador was in. Everyone decided to exchange back stories except for me. During the conversation, someone started hearing a whispering sound. Then, I was told that I had a glowing orb on my shoulder. I could not see or hear it. Darren asked if could move my cloak out of the way to see the orb better. Meanwhile, Greg continuously pronounced that it was evil and made from necromancy and he then dared to threaten me with his weapon. Darren noticed that the orb was changing into a map with a point in the Terral Mountains. I am from just north of that glowing point. Darren touched the map and nothing happened. Greg was still announcing that I was evil and should be killed.

Next, Ambassador McNeil woke up. He was startled and we explained why we were there. He then started looking for his belongings and a scroll case. It was the same one we had found, so we gave it to him. He opened the case and shook the scroll. He was missing the military contract between Elith and Ambadar. He told us how he was captured. He was traveling from Elith and boarded Captain Wispy’s boat. Once aboard, he was told that he was being kidnapped for ransom. McNeil escaped to a small skiff. A storm came and he crashed into the rocks beneath the tower. He does not remember anything beyond that, but we concluded that the troglodytes were going to cook and eat him. We then decided, as a group, that we needed to get to Elith to get another contract. So, we created a litter to carry the Ambassador, then lowered ourselves and McNeil down out of the tower.

After traveling for 7 or so hours, we came to a cove off the coast. Greg saw mermaids sunning themselves on rocks and he saw a large shadow coming towards them under the water. He started yelling for them to watch out while running towards them. He scared them into jumping into the water. Neil used his ring to send a message to the mermaids warning them. They started swimming towards the shore and us. Greg got in the water to defend them, Boram stayed with the Ambassador, and the rest of us headed to the shore to help. The shadow in the water was a sahuagin and 2 mako sharks. Darren and Greg moved in between the creatures and the mermaids. We defeated the sahuagin and sharks. The mermaids gave us pearl necklaces worth a lot of gold a piece. We then decided to rest and eat the shark that was killed.

In the morning, the tide started to come in, so we decided to start traveling again. We stopped to rest at the end of the day. The next morning, Greg woke everyone because he saw a storm coming in from the southwest. We traveled south and came to a split in the path and we then decided to take the path through the valley. It seemed safer from the storm. After a day, we came to a swampy area and try to stay as high on the mountain as possible while traveling. We could see the storm getting closer from the south. By the end of the day, it started drizzling and we could hear thunder. We stopped to rest and in the morning, we saw a giant in the distance coming towards our camp. We hid everything and ourselves as best as we could. The giant passed without noticing us. We noticed that the giant has dragon on his shoulders roosting and there were orcs putting saddles on the dragons. We packed up to continue our traveling for our 4th day.

We started climbing elevation throughout the day while trekking through mud. While coming up over a hill, we see and smell smoke coming from a small village that looked as if the giant had destroyed it. The smoke was thick as we made our way to the town of Rorikstead. As we approached, I heard, in a rough crude voice, “All the children of Thane must die.” Then I heard the sound of a blade slashing through flesh. I yelled that we needed to help them. I remembered that Thane was the Lord Commander of the Isharian army that battled the orc empire long ago. We started towards the town towards the voice. He claimed that we were also children of Thane. We then went to battle him and 4 of his comrades. We defeated them, but sadly, we lost Greg during the fight. While searching the buildings for survivors, we found the last living person in the village, a human.

Session 3

We slept in the cavern then traveled south for 9 hours. We stopped again and camped out of the wind. Boram and I heard rocks hitting rocks, then I saw a fire appear a small distance above ground. I took first watch. Don had second watch. He heard something and woke everyone. We packed up and headed in the direction of the disturbance. We smelled smoke when we arrived at what was a tower. The eastern side, facing the sea, appeared to have crumbled. We heard snarls coming from the shore line as we approached, but the snarls stopped. We went to the cliff and saw that there was a small boat that had crashed upon the rocks. There was a hand hanging on the side of the boat. Tai Li and I lowered Boram down the cliff while Neil went back to the tower to search. Boram saw blood and a dead body, so he decided to return to us. We hauled him up the cliff and headed back to the tower. Neil climbed up the rubble. He looked around and was attacked at a distance by a spider. Tai Li managed to climb the rubble and when she saw the spider, she climbed back down. I climbed up the rubble and saw the spider web Neil so that he could not escape. The spider dragged Neil into the next room. Tai Li then climbed back up the rubble to help. We get into the second room and see that there are also 2 cocoons. Boram climbed the rubble and joined us in the room. We proceeded to defeat the spider and get Neil out of his web. The two cocoons fell and we searched them. The first one had the corpse of a coyote and the other had a dead dog with a collar. The collar had the name Kita. We searched the next room and saw that the western wall was collapsed. The staircase was also collapsed.

We then climbed the eastern wall to the second floor. We had to break the door down to get into the next room. Inside was a blue shock lizard. We threw it rations and it left us alone. In the next room we encountered 2 troglodytes and defeated them. The next room was empty, so we went up the stairs to the third floor. The door was locked, so we broke it down. Inside were 2 flame skeletons. After defeating them, we searched the room and discovered 2 altars with scrolls and silver on them. We decided to use this room to rest in. While resting, Boram realized there was a false wall. When everyone awoke, we searched the room behind the false wall and discovered nothing. It was partially collapsed. We then go up to the next floor. When we opened the door we got attacked by 4 troglodytes. We defeated them and in the next room, we found a hurt man in shackles. After stabilizing him, we went to the next floor. It turned out to be a throne room. We were attacked by a troglodyte and his pet gator. We defeated them, then returned to the room with the man. This man was actually the ambassador we were looking for.

Session 2

Daseri’s POV
We continued traveling south for about four hours. It was starting to get dark, chilly, and windy, so we decided to look for a place to camp for the night. One of us heard the type of whistling that is heard from wind passing into a cave. We decided to check it out. Tai Li went in first and was struck by something. His bells fell to the ground making a lot of noise. Darren entered next and also was hit with something. Darren and I cast our light spells. We were being attacked by kobolds. We defeated three of them and Grog intimidated and kept one of them as a pet. We went on to explore the rest of the cave. While exploring, Grog was hit and was caught on fire. We were being attacked by two more kobolds and a large orc. We killed the three enemies and searched them for items. I studied both items that were found: a spike on the end of the club and a flask. Darren received the spike and I received the flask.

Session 1

12/17/2012: Daseri’s POV

The adventurers start in the city of Ambador. Ambador overlooks the Veral Sea and is governed by the Queen Laila Denosa and a triumvirate of archmages. These archmages are the policing force, but are never seen in public. They send out shadows to administer punishment. Ambador is a city of fishing, cotton, and mining of silver ore.

The day before, a large gold mine was discovered and reported. Everyone was hurrying to the newly discovered mine to try to acquire gold. As the adventurers were getting ready to leave to go to the new mine, they say a herald posting a help wanted sign promising 500 gold for help with a diplomatic matter. They then headed to the Knight Captain’s office, which was housed in a small tower, to sign up for the mission and to find out more information. As were standing in line of about 20 people, they notice that no one that went into the office was returning out the same way. When they got to the door, a few noticed that there was no back door. The people that went in had disappeared, also. The group started asking questions about the mission and were told that Ambassador Gracyn McNeil had gone missing on his way to the city of Elith. The group convinced the Knight Captain to explain the real reason Ambassador McNeil’s trip. He had gone to spy and gather information on Elith military force and to find out if they were planning an attack on Ambador. The group of adventurers agreed to help for the 500 gold and some items from the armory. The Knight Captain began reading the scroll to port the group half way, when Daseri realized he read the last words wrong. It was too late to correct it, though.

The group ended up on a south road with forest to the west and cliffs and the sea to the east. Daseri and Borrom landed on the cliff and started to fall off into the sea. Daseri was able to grab a root on the cliff with one hand and Borrom’s foot with the other. The others in the group helped them up from the cliff onto flat land. As they were doing this, they saw another group appear over the water and fall in. One is swept away while the other two are not. Of the two left, one is unconscious and bleeding and the other is conscious. Daron insists on helping the people in the water. Daseri and Borrom help. Daron repels down the cliff with a rope and helps the conscious man climb up the rope to safety. He then ties the rope to the unconscious man after stabilizing him and they pull him up. The first man thanks them and then tends to his cousin. As this is going on, the other three in the group, Tyli, Greg, and Neil continue down the road. They are attacked by goblins, but prevail. After looting the goblins, they head back to the others and find that they rescued the men in the water. Greg offers the goblins’ gold to the rescued men and is thanked.


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