Points of Light: The Kraulands

Session 6

Bean awoke and decided to get up and go find the rest of the party. As he walked up to the Smoke Stack, we shackled the drunk man. After we searched the bandits, we saw the first shackled man get loose somehow and start running down the alley. Darren and Bean chased him for quite a ways, but eventually caught him and brought him back. We then proceeded to take them inside for questioning. Bean did a thorough job with the interrogation and we found out that a lady named the Magnificent Krissa Bennett was looking for me and wanted me to be taken to her alive. We also found out that the feathers they had on them were enchanted to keep the wearer from getting the plague and that the drunk man is involved in the slave trade.

I then started to receive telepathic messages from Krissa. She wanted me to come alone, but if my companions had to accompany me, then they would have to leave their weapons. I told my friends about my past and also about speaking with Krissa mentally. Krissa tells me that she wants to take my place with the Dead Crow Coven and I wanted to take that chance. I wanted to be rid of the evil witches that kept me as a slave and tortured me as a child. Darren, Tai Li, Boram and I went to the docks to meet Krissa. We were searched by two guards at the entrance to her boat house. After going in, she explained what she wanted to do and offered us tea and pastries. She starts the ritual and I realized she was taking my powers, so I tried to stop her. Boram was rendered unconscious after walking into the purple stream connection me to her. Tai Li became weak when getting near her. Boram then started to convulse. Not long after, I was able to stop her, but not before becoming weakened. The spell shattered. Boram awoke and told me of his dream. In this dream, I am one of the evil witches and we are sacrificing Boram and cooking him. It was so horrible that Boram was scared of me. I then realized that maybe it would be better to be without such an evil patron. I did not want to become that. So, I told Krissa to try again and she did. When we awoke, I was powerless, but felt lighter and free. I believe I made the right decision.

After returning to the Smoke Stack, I found out that Gus died during the ritual. I was so heartbroken until I saw Gus’ spirit hovering there. Everyone thought I was crazy (including the barkeep) and had me get a room and lie down. During my sleep, I dreamt of golden dragon and a pleasant feeling. When I awoke, Gus was alive! He was also changed. He had golden fur and gold eyes. I didn’t question it. I was just so happy to have him back!

After showing the new Gus to everyone, we decided to go to the Royal Grounds to meet McNeil. As McNeil walked out of the Royal Grounds gate, one of the guards stabbed him in the neck. The dagger was poisoned and spelled. Boram did all that he could, but the ambassador died. We did catch the assassin and the guards took him in to custody to be interrogated. The guards come back with diplomat Garis, Consult to the King. He reassured us that the assassin would be taken care of and also the ambassador. We did not want to wait for the warrant, so we went to The Bravery to find Captain Wispy ourselves. While getting on the dock, we noticed a human woman following us. She had overheard our plan and wanted to accompany us and help. She went by The Professor. The ship is starting to leave, so we jumped onto the ship and started fighting the eight men onboard, the captain, and his first mate. Bean fell into the water, so I threw him a rope. We eventually kill everyone but 2 men. We tied them up and search the ship. We found halfling slaves and were told that the Professor’s sister had been thrown overboard. We had to keep her from killing the living pirates on the ship that we had captured. We then found a fake cabinet in the captain’s quarters with mithril that Bean then took to the Marshall. We believed it to be the payment for the treaty. We waited for many hours for the Marshall to come back. We then heard a sound in the water. The Marshall was barely conscious hanging on to a piece of driftwood. We pulled him up. We then heard horses charging toward the ship, so we pulled the gang plank and hoped they couldn’t jump far. The men were from the Garis family and told us that they had warrants for our arrest. One did manage to jump onto the ship, but we finally pulled the pin on the hatch grate and the horse fell in. We started sailing south on the Dolm River, but men were gathering on the 2 bridges we had to go under to get out of the bay. The two pirates were released as long as they helped. The 15 halflings armed themselves with crossbows. The first bridge had men pouring oil and throwing fire trying to damage our ship, but Darren and Boram managed to use their water spells to keep the fires gone. The man in the hold then awoke, but Bean and Ragnar took care of him. The next bridge had archers, but they kept missing. We then came to a castle on a small island with catapults being loaded, but they missed us. We were free and started sailing towards Ambadar.

Sir Marshall Gregory finally awoke confused. We docked the ship and he put on the Garis knight’s gear so that he could try to get to the king disguised. One of our pirates decided to go with him as a prisoner. But, Corwyn Klas and the 15 halflings (Timo, Gon, Ferum, Terrance, Bale, Navi, Ryan, Ren, Ven, Welsin, Caspian, Yandon, Brandon, Oliver, and Keval) stayed on the ship with us. We sailed again. As we passed a river about half way to Ambadar, we saw lots of rose petals in the water. We were told that it was for an annual mourning ceremony for a fallen hero of Rosedale.

During the days on the ship, I dreamt of golden dragons and started to receive my powers back, but they felt different and not one bit evil or dark. As we passed a forest, we heard the terrifying roar of a dragon. Bean made the ship invisible and we saw a very large gold dragon (like the ones I have been dreaming of) fly up after a red dragon with an orc rider on it. We then saw the gold dragon get lassoed and hear trees falling and snapping. I had to go rescue the golden dragon. Bean, Darren, and 5 halflings stayed back with the ship while the rest of us tried to sneak to the gold dragon in the forest. We see the Behemoth with a rope connected to the gold dragon. As soon as I saw the gold dragon, I became more powerful and my eyes glowed gold. We also saw the Griffon riders with the elves circling the dragon rider. We told Ragnar to go get the others. Aramil jumped from the Griffon and landed on the red dragon and started fighting the orc. The Griffons attacked the roosting dragons and the Behemoth dropped the rope. Many orcs were on the gold dragon pulling off scales and stabbing it. We tried to stop as many as we could while chopping away at the rope made of trees, but the trees kept getting tighter. A greatsword fell to the ground and Tai Li started using it to chop at the tree rope and it worked. We heard Aramil yell to strengthen us, then he asked us to lend him our powers and we all agreed. He used our powers to kill the giant Behemoth. It started to rain blood and we all felt stronger. Tail Li severed the ropes and the orcs vanished along with the Behemoth and smaller dragons. The gold dragon took off after the last smaller dragon. Aramil and the others landed. Armil thanked us and passed away. The Behemoth and orcs were vanished to the Abyss with a spell called Miracle. The two other elves wanted to take Aramil home to the Fae Realm. We were told to keep Jrenalah the Griffon to aid us. We then saw the gold dragon flying back towards us with the red dragon in its mouth. I was scared and excited to see him coming back to us.


Tai Li:
After our hard battle Bean finally shows up and helps us to interrogate our prisoners. He found out that woman by the name of Krissa Bennett was looking for Daseri and her taken alive. The feathers carried by the muggers were enchanted to keep the wearers from catching the plague. Deseri then told us to leave our weapons behind and accompany her to meet Krissa. Along the way she told us of her past and how she was sending mental messages back and forth with this Krissa. Apparently Krissa wanted to take Daseri’s place within the witch coven. Leaving the coven was incredibly important to Daseri. Darren, Boram and I escorted Daseri to an area of the city Docks where we were to meet this other witch. Krissa was increbibly cordial and offered us tea and pastries, surprisingly they were not dangerous and quite delicious. Krissa started a ritual that created a purple energy stream between her and Daseri. We watched but became horrified as it seemed to be hurting Daseri. Boram and I tried to intervene. Boram jumped into the stream and was knocked into a convulsive fit. As I approached Krissa I felt my life force draining from me. I became weak and felt as though I had lost years’ worth of traning and strengthening. Daseri was able to break the ritual, which had apparently sapped her powers away and gave them to Krissa. Boram awoke and told us of this horrid nightmare he had involving Daseri performing incredible acts of evil. After this news, Daseri decided she would not let this vision become true and asked Krissa to finish the ritual, sapping her of her remaining powers, but also her connection to the coven and her evil patron. She was happy with her decision. Unfortunately she later found out, back at the Smokestack, that the ritual had a rather unfortunate side effect. Her fox friend Gus was killed when she lost her connection to her powers. We all felt a pain in our hearts for Daseri’s loss, especially when she became delusional and talking about Gus as though he was alive again. Sheeven started petting the air….. a bit strange. She went to a room to rest, and I finally got a good uninterrupted meal. Just before time to meet McNeil, Daseri returned with, I jest not, a new golden furred fox which was an apparent resurrected Gus. Just when I thought I had seen it all. We left to meet McNeil at the Royal Grounds. He came out to meet us, but was suddenly attacked by one of the guards. The assassin stabbed him in the neck with a dagger was poisoned and was keeping a spell stored within. Someone wanted to ensure that he would die. We caught the killer and he was taken by the other guards to be interrogated. Soon after Garis, and consult to the king, approached us and informed us that the assassin would be taken care of as well as McNeil’s body. We pretty much knew who was behind McNeil’s murder, Captain Wispy, and we knew he was in town (as we saw him earlier in the tavern). We headed to the docks where we had seen his ship earlier in the morning. On our way to the ship, we were followed by a ginger human calling herself the professor. She claims to overhear our quest and wanted to join us because she was in search of her sister aboard Wispy’s ship. As we approached he tried to cast off. We managed to jump on board, well all of us save for Bean. We attacked the captain and his men and defeated all but two of them. We searched the ship and found halfling slaves in the hold and a suit of mithril in a box in Wispy’s cabin. We surmised that the armor was Ambadar’s peace offering to Elith. Bean STUPIDLY ran off with the armor to deliver to the Elith Royal palace, we insisted that he stop, but the boy did not listen. He says he “delivered” the armor, but we all knew that some guard or noble now has a nice new set of armor. During his time at the keep, he told someone of our exploits on Wispy’s ship. The marshal was supposed to meet us at the ship to investigate our findings and interrogate our prisoners. After many hours he was a no show, until we heard something rubbing against the ship’s hull. It was a body clinging to some driftwood. I was lowered down to pick up the body as armed and mounted guards began to charge the ship’s position. I got the unconscious body on board to find that it was the marshal. The guards yelled to us that they had warrants for all of us, and they were flying the colors of the diplomat Garis. We knew who the traitor in the system was now, and tried to get the ship sailing. Luckily the Professor knew how to sail, and we allowed the captured pirates to help get the ship sea ready. One guard managed to jump his horse on board, but we opened the hold doors and he fell into the ship. We started heading down the Dolm river out of the city. The guards were ready for this and had made defending positions on the two bridges crossing the river. We armed the Halflings with the crossbows used by the previous crew. The first bridge had tar and torches prepared to burn our ship. We escaped by having our magic users throw water on the torches that fell to us, while the halflings fired their bows. The second bridge was armed with archers, but they could not land any lethal shots. I did what I could to block any incoming arrows. During this the knight that had fallen into the hold stumbled up to the main deck. Bean and his bear were able to deal with him however. Our final obstacle before the sea was a castle on a small island at the entrance to the city’s water way. They fired catapults at us but they all missed. The Professor proved to be a capable captain, and got as away from the city. Marshal Gregory finally awoke with Boram’s help, and wanted to return to Elith. He donned the slain knight’s armor and wanted to sneak back to inform the king of what had transpired. One of our pirate crew members went back with him to act as a prisoner. We dropped them ashore, and made our way back to Ambadar. The 15 halflings agreed to stay on as our crew along with the remaining pirate, Corwyn Klas. Hallfway to Ambadar we passed the remnants of Rosedale’s mourning ceremony. Thousands of rose petals float down the river in memory of a fallen hero of Rosedale. During our time on the ship, I honed my skills and paid my homage to Akadi for fair winds and safe travels. Everyone had their own ways of passing the time. Strangely Daseri began to regain her powers. She claims that they are the same powers, but they feel different, less dark and evil. Whatever that means. Along the way we passed a forest when suddenly there was the roar of a great dragon. Bean hid the ship, as a great golden dragon flew out from the canopy and was chasing a red dragon carrying one of the orc rider. We then saw the great gold dragon get lassoed by the giant orc behemoth. We decided that we could not sit idly by and we came ashore to try and aid the golden dragon. As we approached I happen to look back at Daseri and was shocked to find that her eyes were glowing Gold. I also looked up and found that Aramil and his gryphon riders were attacking the Behemoth and it’s dragons. We charged in and were attempting to cut the lasso holding down the great dragon. The rope was made of solid trees and was regenerating faster than we could do damage to it. We then noticed orcs were attemping to mine the dragons scales off of his belly. Daseri did what she could to take them out, when there was a sudden thud behind us. I looked to find a greatsword plunged into the ground. I armed myself with it and began to hack at the lasso. To my shock it worked as the tree like strands recoiled against the might of the sword. Next thing we knew the dragon was free, and Aramil spoke to us in our minds. He asked us for our remaining powers to fuel his attacks. I and I’m sure the others as well, freely gave him my energy. It began to rain blood upon and we felt stronger as a result. The orcs and their dragons disappeared, banished unto the abyss we later learn. Aramil and his riders land before us as the gold dragon flys off after a remaining red dragon. Aramil collapsed dead after thanking us. The other elves took Aramil’s body to return to the Fae realm. They left us Jrenalah the gryphon to aid us in our adventures. Soon after we see the Great Golden dragon returning to us, red dragon clutched in his maw. Truly this was a great sight to see…….

Session 6
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