Points of Light: The Kraulands

Session 5

Us adventurers introduced ourselves to the newcomer, Beathan Baird, a 19 year old with a bear cub. His parents were killed by the orcs. As night fell, we created a pyre for the bodies and said our goodbyes to Greg. In the middle of the night while resting, Boram heared a beautiful haunting melody coming from outside the town. Gus woke me and I heard it. Boram and I started walking toward the mists at the stream. Tai Li woke and started coming after us, but she was not transfixed by the melody. Boram snapped out of it. I walked into the water while Darren, Tai Li, and Boram were at the shore. Tai Li entered the water and started attacking the harpy that was creating the melody. The harpy flew away before it could take me with it.

We finished resting and when we woke in the morning, the weather had cleared. We headed east and ended up getting to a boggy area. While trying to go from dry patch to dry patch, Tai Li fell in the mud and went under. I threw the rope in the muddy water and she grabbed it so I could pull her out. While trying to pull her out, we saw a crocodile in the water coming toward her. We killed the crocodile, then jumped to the next patch of land. We kept moving until we were ready to camp and dry off. During the night, the temperature started to drop and it started snowing. During the night, Darren and Tai Li saw lights to the north-west and we all decided to go and investigate. We found en encampment of elves, so we introduced ourselves and asked to camp with them. The leader, Aramil Olandiell, told us that they were hunting the giant that we had hid from and that it was Bohemoth Deronsh, Son of Akrosh, a dragon and titan. We told them about the orcs in Rorikstead and they started speaking amongst themselves in Sylvan. When they realized Neil could speak Sylvan, they quieted. We slept for the night, but when we awoke, the elves and gryphons were gone. We traveled for a uneventful day and made camp. The next day, which was the last day before we arrived at Elith, we started to see farms and homesteads. We found the trail used as a road to the city and followed it. We came to a stream with a broken bridge. An old man, Daniel, and his shaggy dog came up to us and introduced himself. I went over to give the dog some love and realized that this dog had the same collar as the dead dog we found in the tower. I gave Daniel Kita’s collar and told him what happened to her. He told us that goblins had taken her and asked us to find the goblins and kill them.

We continued down the road and it started to drizzle. We saw a sign to Elith 10 miles. It started to rain and we decided to keep going even after dark. We went through a village and when we approached the city, we saw a barricade with 2 guards. They told us that this part of the city was quarantined from a flesh eating disease, so we traveled through the south gates. Ambassador McNeil tells us about the different inns. Tai Li, Boram, and I went to the Smoke Stack while the others went to the Velvet Violet, a burlesque house. Tai Li and Boram got food while I went to my room. On the way back, I was stopped by a man with a dagger. He told me that I had to go with him because there was a reward for me. I went with him and 3 others up the stairs. Tai Li and Boram were almost mesmerized by belly dancers and didn’t notice me leave. They realized something was wrong and started up the stairs. The men told me to go out the window, but I tried to stall them. The main guy tried to push me out the window and instead fell out the window himself. Boram and Tai Li came up the stairs and we all fought the other men. They withdrew and jumped out the window. We decided to go back to our food, but when we got there, 2 men were still there. One was drunk and the other left while we were turned away. We finished eating and went to bed.

In the morning, I saw a wagon out front with the main guy with the mohawk and Darren tied up and blindfolded. They had kidnapped him to get me to go with them. Boram and I went out the front door while Tai Li went out the window to sneak around. She took out one man in the front and left the drunk one passed out. I slept mohawk guy and then his companion stabbed Darren in the leg. The half orc that disappeared the night before, snuck up behind Boram and dazed him. He then took him inside the inn. I intimidated the guy stabbing Darren and made him get out and shackle himself to the wagon. I then went inside to help Boram. Tai Li took care of the mohawk guy that was asleep, stabilized Darren, then came inside. We fought the half orc while Darren slowly made his way inside to help. We killed the half orc and healed up.


Tai Li:
We were able to find a teenage boy by the name of Baird, we call him Beans. He doesn’t seem to be the sharpest sword in the armory, but his pet bear seems to make up for part of that. We gathered the corpses, including poor Grog, and burned them on a funeral Pyre. Grog was given a warrior’s send off. We camped there in the town for the evening. We awoke to the soothing sound of song, too soothing. The enchanted song was carrying some of my companions to the nearby river including Daseri and Boram. Boram broke the spell when touching the water, but Daseri continued wading through the water. As I ran over to see what was going on a Harpy popped out of the water and struck me with an arrow. Luckily I was able to beat down the creature enough to scare it off. After a bit more rest we continued to Elith. We came across a very nasty bog. When trying to jump to islands of solid land I fell into the muck. I was saved by someone’s quick thinking, throwing me a rope. I wriggled my way up to where I could breathe, only to see a large crocodile charging right at me. Darren was able to pull me out of the muck before the beast could strike. It was killed, and we made our way across the bog. That night I noticed some lights on a nearby ridge. We investigated and found a party of Elves. Thankfully Daseri and Neil spoke Elven. We found out they were tracking the Behemoth that we encountered a few days ago. Their leader made clear to us that taking down the giant was his task, and his alone. We were told to not worry about such things. How can we not worry about a giant creature whom is apparently from a different plane. As I was going to bed, I noticed something else about the elves. They rode upon Gryphons, who were roosting on a ledge above us. Wow. I have seen more things on this trek than on any I’ve been on before. The next morning we awoke and the elves were gone, but they left us a gift of a healing wand. The next few days of travel were uneventful. As we finally start to approach the outlying villages of Elith we came across an older man, who was the owner of dog who was killed by the giant spider in the tower. Daniel was his hame, and he was truly grateful for the closure. The rains come back. Great. We approached the gate to Elith but were stopped by guards who said this gate was closed due to a plague in this part of the city. We were told to go to the Southern gate, and we did. Upon entering the city the Ambassador left us to go to the palace. He pointed us to a few taverns, some more reputable than others. Darren took Beans to the Velvet Violet, the favored brothel of the ambassador. The rest of us went to the Smokestack, a tavern with a great kitchen apparently, and truly it was. We entered the large and crowded tavern, ordered room, and ordered a plate of food. Halfway through my meal I noticed Daseri, who had gone to her room, was being “escorted” by some thuggish men back down a hallway. We gave chase and was able to scare off the would be snatchers. She noticed more of them in the dining hall, we went to confront them but one was sloshed drunk and the other disappared. The next morning we awoke to room service and I went out for breakfast. Again my meal was interrupted when Daseri appeared saying the men were back out front and had taken Darren captive. I told her and Boram to head out to meet them and I was sneak around their back sides. Sadly I hurt my ankle leaping out of a back window. I was able to dispatch one of the kidnappers driving a cart, but a half orc grappled Boram by the neck and disappeared into the tavern, while Daseri was having words with another man in the back of the cart. I tried to sneak up on this man, but was seen when my ankle gave way. He plunged a dagger into Darren’s leg, but was then put to sleep by Daseri. I tried to help Darren but another man was in the cart and was inflicting more Damage upon our cleric friend. Daseri frightened this guy with threats and he made his way out of the cart and manacled himself to it. She ran into help Boram while I pulled Darren out of the cart. Once he was out I ran in to find Boram unconscious and Daseri battling the half orc. I began to do battle with him as well, but he rudely payed me no mind as Daseri was clearly his intended victim. With Darren’s blessings I was able to finally bring him to his knees. Unfortunately before I could finish him off he ripped out some of Daseri’s hair and buggered off. I unshackled Darren and we were able to heal our companion Boram before going outside to confront our captive…….

Session 5
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