Points of Light: The Kraulands

Session 4

We all decided to rest in the room just outside of the room the Ambassador was in. Everyone decided to exchange back stories except for me. During the conversation, someone started hearing a whispering sound. Then, I was told that I had a glowing orb on my shoulder. I could not see or hear it. Darren asked if could move my cloak out of the way to see the orb better. Meanwhile, Greg continuously pronounced that it was evil and made from necromancy and he then dared to threaten me with his weapon. Darren noticed that the orb was changing into a map with a point in the Terral Mountains. I am from just north of that glowing point. Darren touched the map and nothing happened. Greg was still announcing that I was evil and should be killed.

Next, Ambassador McNeil woke up. He was startled and we explained why we were there. He then started looking for his belongings and a scroll case. It was the same one we had found, so we gave it to him. He opened the case and shook the scroll. He was missing the military contract between Elith and Ambadar. He told us how he was captured. He was traveling from Elith and boarded Captain Wispy’s boat. Once aboard, he was told that he was being kidnapped for ransom. McNeil escaped to a small skiff. A storm came and he crashed into the rocks beneath the tower. He does not remember anything beyond that, but we concluded that the troglodytes were going to cook and eat him. We then decided, as a group, that we needed to get to Elith to get another contract. So, we created a litter to carry the Ambassador, then lowered ourselves and McNeil down out of the tower.

After traveling for 7 or so hours, we came to a cove off the coast. Greg saw mermaids sunning themselves on rocks and he saw a large shadow coming towards them under the water. He started yelling for them to watch out while running towards them. He scared them into jumping into the water. Neil used his ring to send a message to the mermaids warning them. They started swimming towards the shore and us. Greg got in the water to defend them, Boram stayed with the Ambassador, and the rest of us headed to the shore to help. The shadow in the water was a sahuagin and 2 mako sharks. Darren and Greg moved in between the creatures and the mermaids. We defeated the sahuagin and sharks. The mermaids gave us pearl necklaces worth a lot of gold a piece. We then decided to rest and eat the shark that was killed.

In the morning, the tide started to come in, so we decided to start traveling again. We stopped to rest at the end of the day. The next morning, Greg woke everyone because he saw a storm coming in from the southwest. We traveled south and came to a split in the path and we then decided to take the path through the valley. It seemed safer from the storm. After a day, we came to a swampy area and try to stay as high on the mountain as possible while traveling. We could see the storm getting closer from the south. By the end of the day, it started drizzling and we could hear thunder. We stopped to rest and in the morning, we saw a giant in the distance coming towards our camp. We hid everything and ourselves as best as we could. The giant passed without noticing us. We noticed that the giant has dragon on his shoulders roosting and there were orcs putting saddles on the dragons. We packed up to continue our traveling for our 4th day.

We started climbing elevation throughout the day while trekking through mud. While coming up over a hill, we see and smell smoke coming from a small village that looked as if the giant had destroyed it. The smoke was thick as we made our way to the town of Rorikstead. As we approached, I heard, in a rough crude voice, “All the children of Thane must die.” Then I heard the sound of a blade slashing through flesh. I yelled that we needed to help them. I remembered that Thane was the Lord Commander of the Isharian army that battled the orc empire long ago. We started towards the town towards the voice. He claimed that we were also children of Thane. We then went to battle him and 4 of his comrades. We defeated them, but sadly, we lost Greg during the fight. While searching the buildings for survivors, we found the last living person in the village, a human.


Tai Li:
Truly Akadi is testing our fellowship’s journey. This seemingly simple task has been wrought with dangers and, unfortunately, now death. After some rest and attention from our small friend Boram, Ambassador McNeil was able to give us some much needed information. He said while in Elith he was able to successfully broker a treaty with them and Ambadar. He was on his journey home on a ship captained by a man named Wispy. The captain then turned on McNeil with plans to hold him for ransom. McNeil was able to escape on a skiff but was thrown into the rocky shore during a storm. He was then captured by the Troglodites who were planning on feasting on him until we intervened. He also noticed that the signed treaty was missing from his scroll case. Our party decided to return the ambassador to Elith so that he may get a new copy of the treaty. Neil became caretaker of the weakened ambassador. Along the way my companions noticed mermaids bathing upon rocks off the shore. Grog’s keen eyes also noticed something else in the waters. He leaped into action at the large black figure in the water that was heading straight the maidens. The mermaids in shock and fear of a large orc charging, weapons drawn, in their direction plunged into the waters, unaware of the dangers coming for them. Luckily Neil was able to convey to them that a giant shark was hunting them. Our party leaped into the waters and was thankfully able to defeat the beast. Grog, being a skiled leatherworker, took the shark’s hides to fashion into a saddle for Boram. We traveled on towards Elith when Talos brought upon us a rain storm that would not seem to end. During the deluge we began to hear thunderclaps. We groaned at the thought of the storm worsening, but these were not true thunderclaps. They were the footsteps of a giant, well giant. The enormous creature strolled by us, frightening my companions into hiding underwater whist I blended into the bushes. From where I hid, I could see Dragons no less roosting upon the giant’s back. Even stranger was that the dragons were being saddles by real Orcs. Thankfully the creature moved out of sight, but I fear that somewhere in its path is a town about to feel the wrath of its riders. These fears grew became a certainty when I spotted smoke coming over a hill. Below the hill were the ruins of a town. We quickly rushed to investigate and look for survivors, or loot depending on which of my companions you asked. When we entered the town we heard someone yell “All children of Thane must die.” “Who is Thane,” I wondered. Daseri told us that Thane was the leader of the forces that waged war with the Orc peoples so long ago. There were mangled bodies everywhere. We turned a corner and there they were. Orcs, and by the look of them the same band that wrode upon the back of the giant. I quickly made way to the leader as Grog was shouting with him in some language, I assume orcish. I was flanked by the leader and another Orc as other orcs rushed in on my companions. Despite their advantage they could not bring me down, of course I’m sure Boram had a little to do with that. Unfortunately Grog was not so lucky. He was surrounded and one of the orcs landed a fatal blow on our orcish friend. May Akadi guide his journey to the underworld. We will miss our friend dearly. After the orcs were defeated, we began to search the town for survivors. There seemed to be no hope of success until……..

Session 4
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