Points of Light: The Kraulands

Session 3

We slept in the cavern then traveled south for 9 hours. We stopped again and camped out of the wind. Boram and I heard rocks hitting rocks, then I saw a fire appear a small distance above ground. I took first watch. Don had second watch. He heard something and woke everyone. We packed up and headed in the direction of the disturbance. We smelled smoke when we arrived at what was a tower. The eastern side, facing the sea, appeared to have crumbled. We heard snarls coming from the shore line as we approached, but the snarls stopped. We went to the cliff and saw that there was a small boat that had crashed upon the rocks. There was a hand hanging on the side of the boat. Tai Li and I lowered Boram down the cliff while Neil went back to the tower to search. Boram saw blood and a dead body, so he decided to return to us. We hauled him up the cliff and headed back to the tower. Neil climbed up the rubble. He looked around and was attacked at a distance by a spider. Tai Li managed to climb the rubble and when she saw the spider, she climbed back down. I climbed up the rubble and saw the spider web Neil so that he could not escape. The spider dragged Neil into the next room. Tai Li then climbed back up the rubble to help. We get into the second room and see that there are also 2 cocoons. Boram climbed the rubble and joined us in the room. We proceeded to defeat the spider and get Neil out of his web. The two cocoons fell and we searched them. The first one had the corpse of a coyote and the other had a dead dog with a collar. The collar had the name Kita. We searched the next room and saw that the western wall was collapsed. The staircase was also collapsed.

We then climbed the eastern wall to the second floor. We had to break the door down to get into the next room. Inside was a blue shock lizard. We threw it rations and it left us alone. In the next room we encountered 2 troglodytes and defeated them. The next room was empty, so we went up the stairs to the third floor. The door was locked, so we broke it down. Inside were 2 flame skeletons. After defeating them, we searched the room and discovered 2 altars with scrolls and silver on them. We decided to use this room to rest in. While resting, Boram realized there was a false wall. When everyone awoke, we searched the room behind the false wall and discovered nothing. It was partially collapsed. We then go up to the next floor. When we opened the door we got attacked by 4 troglodytes. We defeated them and in the next room, we found a hurt man in shackles. After stabilizing him, we went to the next floor. It turned out to be a throne room. We were attacked by a troglodyte and his pet gator. We defeated them, then returned to the room with the man. This man was actually the ambassador we were looking for.


Tai Li:
After another day of travel we camped for the evening. We noticed a fire ahead down the road, but thought nothing of it. During my watch I noticed that the fire had died, and there were strange noises coming from the direction where the flame once was. We decided to investigate the disturbance, and came across a partiallly collapsed tower. The sounds I heard came from the shoreline. I led a group to the shore while our wizard friend, Neil, searched the tower for survivors. Daseri, the witch, and I lowered the halfling, Boram, down the cliff with rope to investigate, but his search found nothing. We sadly dropped our friend while trying to bring him back up, but we eventually got him up safely. We ran to the tower to join the wizard, I reached the top of the rubble to discover the wizard had disturbed a giant spider. I wanted to draw the spider down to open ground so we could surround the beast and keep it from its lair, but noone listened. The beast encased Neil in a cocoon of web, and proceeded to drag him into the web. We followed and was luckily able to dispatch the monster. The tower was 5 stories tall, but the bottom stair way was blocked. We scaled the walls to the second level where we found a room puddled with water and a curious looking lizard. It was rather cute but nothing more than a distraction. The next room contained creatures knows as Troglodites, but they were not match for our combined strenghts. Up another level we were ambushed by flaming skeletons that exploded upon defeat. I was badly injured by the explosions but the halfling’s magic was able to get me going again. This 3rd floor was some a room devoted to the worship of some being, but of which I could not discern. We were weary and decided to rest in this highly defendable room. Our rest went uninterrupted though Boram noticed the wall nearest us was fake wall. I passed this info off to Daseri when my watch was up and she to Neil. At morning’s light we investigated, but noticed nothing on the other side of this wall but open air and guano. We then continued our exploration of the tower. The next floor contained more Trogs and another wet room, this time home to a giant frog. Neil found a sword that allowed him to speak to the creature. It was hungry so we fed it the dead trogs. Another room on this floor was empty save for a cauldron of water, but it did have a smaller room attached where we found the body of an unknown man. He was badly injured but stable. We could do nothing for him at the moment so we left him to continue on. The final floor was a large open room where the troglodite leader and his pet crocodile awaited us. The battle hard fought. I was defeated by the crocodile but saved by Boram’s magic once again. Boram defeated the beast, while Neil, Desari, and I cornered the trog leader. I landed the killing blow to him and we celebrated our success. We gathered what valuables we could find. Akadi blessed us with valuables for sell and a magical cloak. Daseri was awarded the cloak but I was not without reward. We found several cold iron shurikens that I can use in battle. We also found a scroll case that I noticed had the symbol of Ambadar on it. We discerned that this was the pouch of the Ambadar ambassador we were looking for. The man below must be the ambassador. We rushed back down and camped there for the evening while Boram tended to the mans injuries…….

Session 3
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