Points of Light: The Kraulands

Session 2

Daseri’s POV
We continued traveling south for about four hours. It was starting to get dark, chilly, and windy, so we decided to look for a place to camp for the night. One of us heard the type of whistling that is heard from wind passing into a cave. We decided to check it out. Tai Li went in first and was struck by something. His bells fell to the ground making a lot of noise. Darren entered next and also was hit with something. Darren and I cast our light spells. We were being attacked by kobolds. We defeated three of them and Grog intimidated and kept one of them as a pet. We went on to explore the rest of the cave. While exploring, Grog was hit and was caught on fire. We were being attacked by two more kobolds and a large orc. We killed the three enemies and searched them for items. I studied both items that were found: a spike on the end of the club and a flask. Darren received the spike and I received the flask.


Tai Li:
Once the goblins were defeated and the teh survivors rescued our party decided to rest for the evening. I insisted upon continuing our journey but I was overruled. It was cold and wet so we sought refuge in a cave shrouded in mists. I took the lead but was injured by a trap in the entranceway. Obviously the something didn’t want us in, but what? We quickly discovered kobolds hiding behind painted canvases. We dispatched them without much trouble, and my orcish friend tried to keep one as a pet. As I began to set up my bed, the others started wandering further down the caves. Good thing they did as we came across another band of Kobolds being led by a cave troll no less. Surely we would have been gutted in our sleep if we had not found them. The troll thew some flask which burst into a magical fire. The fire killed my friend’s new pet. It was a hard fight, but we came out victorious. The Trolls club had some strange magical spike in it. After clearing out the cave, we finally were able to rest….

Session 2
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