Points of Light: The Kraulands

Session 1

12/17/2012: Daseri’s POV

The adventurers start in the city of Ambador. Ambador overlooks the Veral Sea and is governed by the Queen Laila Denosa and a triumvirate of archmages. These archmages are the policing force, but are never seen in public. They send out shadows to administer punishment. Ambador is a city of fishing, cotton, and mining of silver ore.

The day before, a large gold mine was discovered and reported. Everyone was hurrying to the newly discovered mine to try to acquire gold. As the adventurers were getting ready to leave to go to the new mine, they say a herald posting a help wanted sign promising 500 gold for help with a diplomatic matter. They then headed to the Knight Captain’s office, which was housed in a small tower, to sign up for the mission and to find out more information. As were standing in line of about 20 people, they notice that no one that went into the office was returning out the same way. When they got to the door, a few noticed that there was no back door. The people that went in had disappeared, also. The group started asking questions about the mission and were told that Ambassador Gracyn McNeil had gone missing on his way to the city of Elith. The group convinced the Knight Captain to explain the real reason Ambassador McNeil’s trip. He had gone to spy and gather information on Elith military force and to find out if they were planning an attack on Ambador. The group of adventurers agreed to help for the 500 gold and some items from the armory. The Knight Captain began reading the scroll to port the group half way, when Daseri realized he read the last words wrong. It was too late to correct it, though.

The group ended up on a south road with forest to the west and cliffs and the sea to the east. Daseri and Borrom landed on the cliff and started to fall off into the sea. Daseri was able to grab a root on the cliff with one hand and Borrom’s foot with the other. The others in the group helped them up from the cliff onto flat land. As they were doing this, they saw another group appear over the water and fall in. One is swept away while the other two are not. Of the two left, one is unconscious and bleeding and the other is conscious. Daron insists on helping the people in the water. Daseri and Borrom help. Daron repels down the cliff with a rope and helps the conscious man climb up the rope to safety. He then ties the rope to the unconscious man after stabilizing him and they pull him up. The first man thanks them and then tends to his cousin. As this is going on, the other three in the group, Tyli, Greg, and Neil continue down the road. They are attacked by goblins, but prevail. After looting the goblins, they head back to the others and find that they rescued the men in the water. Greg offers the goblins’ gold to the rescued men and is thanked.


Points of Light, Journal of Tai Li the Monk of the Four Winds..

My accounts for the events leading up to my latest journey. I was spending time walking along with some of my companions in Ambadar when we discovered an offer of adventure given by the city government. They had found some new resource that would greatly increase the wealth and power of the city. They feared that the city of Elith would take military action against Ambadar for some reason or another.. you know I really dont listen to the military types. All I know is the Lady of the Winds wishes me to journey thoughout the realm spreading the good name of Akadi. These people offer me a chance to travel to a new place and they are willing to pay me. The purpose is of no consequence. Next I know we agree to this quest and the man who is managing this affair reads a scroll teleporting us to an unknown location. Akadis graced our group landing us safely on the road to Elith. The ladies grace did not fall upon another party unfortunately. Their teleport landed them far offshore. Some managed to make the swim close to the cliffshore’s edge, but the rocks would surely kill them. Some of our party dared to mock Akadi’s graces and save the doomed creatures. Another and I spoke against this action, but they do not listen. We proceeded ahead with the journey clearly in our minds, when we were abmbushed by goblins no less. Whilst our distracted companions fiddled with those unfit for travel, myself and my orcish friend dispatched the would be thieves. That’s enough for now.

Session 1
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