The region is commonly referred to as the Kraulands. It is common knowledge for any educated adventurer that the Kraulands were once the homelands of the Orcs. The Orcs carved out a mighty empire, enslaving all of those in their way. They conquered many of the nearby races, including halflings, elves, leoni (catfolk), and even lizardfok. The empire grew and grew…until the humans discovered the lands.

At first, the humans were peaceful with the orc lords. However, once the humans saw the treatment of their slaves, they stopped trading with the orcs. This enraged the orc leaders and they immediately began attacking the human settlements. This led to a brutal war between the human nation of Isharia and the orc empire of Kraul. It took roughly 12 years of gruesome warfare for the Isharians to get a strategic foothold. But once they established Castle Whitecrest, it was all but over for the orcs.

Castle Whitecrest was a fortress the size of a city. The Isharian mages established magical gateways between the castle and the capital of Isharia, Piladar. Fresh troops were constantly replacing the tired and injured ones. Troops even got to go home and see their families between battles. The morale of the Isharian troops could not be dampened.

Four years after Castle Whitecrest was built the Isharians had pushed the entire orc army into the Wyvern Mountains. Their leader, Maulgrok Blackeye had been defeated by the Isharian Lord Commander Thane Belamore during the battle of the Mountain’s Shadow. The remaining orc clans fled into the mountains…never to be seen again. It is rumored that they fled into the mountains, awakening a great evil that slept there – this evil is said to have fed upon their countless souls.

After the war, humans settled the region and freed the many slaves the orcs had, allowing them to rebuild their homelands. the halflings and leoni went south beyond the dunes of the Jivaruun Desert. The Lizardfok went southeast back to their island homes. Lastly, the elves, not even remembering anything of their homeland was given lands to the north and east to make a new home.

It has been 800 years or so since the war. Once the region was built up of Isharian decent humans, small wars broke out amongst themselves as their leaders fought over lands and wealth. Now, the lands are broken up into small territories and very few true can even trace their heritage back to Isharia. In fact, only the most scholarly even know where Isharia is.

Points of Light: The Kraulands

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